Maxim Registration: how to become a Taxsee Driver

One of the partnership options for application drivers is the Taxi Maxim company, which operates through the Taxsee Driver app in some cities in Brazil and in the world (Maxim Registration). The company has been operating since 2003, but it hasn’t been that long in Brazil, of course.

In the cities where it operates, it has been seeking to offer a cheaper alternative for passengers and bonuses to associated drivers. This is how it seeks to innovate to meet demands, provide good working conditions and quality services.

In this article, ask your questions and find out how to become a Taxi Maxim partner driver.

Pay attention: the conditions and requirements for driving with Maxim may be different depending on each country!!

Maxim requirements

If the driver wants to operate within the “Economic” rate, he will need:

  • Be of legal age (18 years or older);
  • Have a national identity document;
  • Have a Driver’s License;
  • Have your vehicle’s insurance policy;
  • Have a vehicle technical inspection certificate;
  • Not having a criminal record;
  • Electronic certificate of absence of tickets by the police;
  • Vehicle with less than 15 years of use (from the day after its manufacture).

For Drivers who want to run within the “Travel” rate, it will be necessary to:

  • Be of legal age (18 years or older);
  • Have national identity document;
  • Have a driver’s license;
  • Have a vehicle with an insurance policy;
  • Have a driver qualification certificate;
  • Have vehicle operation authorization to provide taxi services;
  • Have a vehicle technical inspection certificate;
  • Have electronic certificate of no criminal record;
  • Have an electronic certificate of absence from the police;
  • Have a vehicle with less than 15 years of use (from the day after its manufacture).

Maxim Registration: how much do you earn per race

The price of races in the Taxsee Driver app takes into account several factors such as fuel costs, maintenance and insurance of the vehicles.

It also takes into account the supply/demand ratio and competitive values, seeking a fair price for passengers and drivers.

The company recommends that drivers are available at peak times, times of unfavorable weather conditions and holidays to increase income.

Payments to Maxim Drivers

Drivers duly approved and active on the platform receive their payments in their personal accounts (within the platform). Travel requests paid for on the card or via transfers are also credited to the driver’s account.

The driver’s activity history, transactions are recorded as “To account”. Maxim informs you that the feature of using a personal bank account to receive transfers will be activated shortly.

Before, it was only possible to withdraw the amounts in cash by going to the Maxim service office in your city (Maxim installs an office in the cities where it starts operating). After an update, it is now possible to fill out a request in the application itself, to withdraw the values.

After placing the order, the driver will wait for a push notification scheduling his visit to his city office. He shows up and receives, without wasting time waiting. To check the general instructions on how to order in the app, he checks the tutorial within the app itself (under Ads)

To make the withdrawal, for now, the user can go to the application, in Menu – Support – Contact – Message to the management.

Maxim Registration: step by step to become a Driver

Taxi Maxim allows drivers to register through the Taxsee Driver app or through the website. See the necessary step by step:

  • Download the Taxsee Driver app for Android or iOS. (if you prefer, download through this link).
  • Once inside the app, and as a passenger, just click on the “Work as a Driver” option.
  • On the next screen you confirm your city and your cell phone.
  • Then wait to receive the SMS with the confirmation code.
  • Fill in the next screen with your personal data: name, gender, date of birth, email and promotional code, if you
  • have one.
  • When finished, a message that the registration has been completed appears, along with an SMS and an email message. containing login and password of user driver.
  • Choose the transportation option: travel and deliveries or deliveries only.
  • In our test, we chose travel and delivery.
  • In the app, always provide the requested information.
  • Add a personal photo through the app, taken on the spot.
  • Add the photo of your National Driver’s License (front and back, it is not necessary to be annotated with EAR – Exerce Activity Paid).
  • Add a photo of your vehicle, whether by motorcycle or car.
  • Photograph your vehicle, be it motorcycle or car.

As you can see, registration is very fast and can be approved within a few hours. Then the driver can start racing the same day he registers.

Whoever works with Taxi Maxim (just like any other platform) makes their own routine and chooses which races to run based on the itinerary and value of each one.

You can also choose whether you will receive payment in cash or in your personal account right after you finish the race.

Advantages of Maxim

  • Like the other platforms, Maxim has car, motorcycle or delivery of parcels, food and other products;
  • Rates vary depending on the type of transport;
  • When ordering a trip, there is a fare option called “Economic” or, if you want to pay even less, choose “Motorcycle”;
  • There is training for drivers and couriers before starting work;
  • Drivers rated best by users receive more orders than others;
  • It also has the function already present on other platforms: share the itinerary link with people close to you;
  • Maxim is booming: it exists in countries such as: Brazil, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Chile, Colombia, Philippines, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Tajikistan , Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and the list keeps growing;
    In Brazil, the list also does not stop: Aracaju, Campinas, Campo Grande, Cuiabá, Feira de Santana, Florianópolis, Goiânia, João Pessoa, Joinville, Maceió, Natal, Porto Alegre, Porto Velho, Recife, Ribeirão Preto, São Luís, Teresina , Uberlândia, Salvador, Feira de Santana (she continues)…

Disadvantages of Maxim

  • Needs to improve basic items such as the customer and driver photo, as well as improvements to the location function;
  • As it is still expanding, the waiting time for drivers is long and often does not yield results, leading the user to cancel the trip and ask for competitors;
  • The fare charged is still not very attractive to drivers, which leads them to cancel the race themselves. Here is a feature of the platform being new in Brazil;
  • Until the closing of this news, the app still did not offer a conventional method of payment during the transaction (such as Uber, for example);
  • The location service often still doesn’t seem to work well, even having users reporting bugs;
  • In one of the tests that the inDriver Club carried out, it was not possible to clearly detect the driver’s position when reaching the indicated point;
  • From the customer’s (passenger) point of view, prices are still good compared to strong competitors. However, as the service is expanding, the trend will be to increase the price and be somewhat compared to other competitors;
  • If the offer of cars is still not good, users don’t even try to call for motorcycles, because the offer is even worse;
  • There are cases where drivers only accept the route if the customer increases the value of the offer. In other words, Maxim often looks like inDriver, which already does this bargain service;
  • As attracting new drivers is still Maxim’s big target, the chances of accepting poorly rated drivers can be a little high in some cases;
  • There are cases reported that people asked for a car for an amount, but that amount was changed to more at the end of the transaction.

Pay attention: the conditions and requirements for driving with Maxim may be different depending on each country!!

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