inDrive WhatsApp: how to establish contact with the company

If you visit our Club, you already know, inDrive is the number 1 passenger transport app where you can negotiate the price. One of our readers’ frequent questions is about what forms of quick contact the app has (inDrive WhatsApp).

For example, what is inDrive Brasil’s WhatsApp? He exists? (inDrive WhatsApp). With that in mind, let’s clear up the subject once and for all in this article.

inDrive WhatsApp

The journalism of the blog inDrive Club, of course, got in touch with the company, for support via chat. We are looking for information about a possible way to contact you through “WhatsApp do inDrive”.

The official answer we got is what we already knew: inDrive only has chat or email support. Even over the phone, the service is still very restricted.

WhatsApp inDrive (unofficial)

InDrive drivers know that there are websites that publicize possible contacts of inDrive Brazil through WhatsApp.

An example of this is the blog “Aplicativos BR”, which provided the number “+55 31 98977-9095”. We tried to call him. But from our query, we verify that this is a private account. It has the following description:

“Driver Recruiter for the urban mobility app inDrive XXX 10331”.

So it’s not official platform. This happens, obviously, because it is not in the interest of inDrive do Brasil to create this form of support.

What are the official contacts of inDrive?

InDrive’s official contacts in Brazil are the same ones we’ve already disclosed here on the Blog. The customer service department itself can be done via message to

But if you want an even faster way, just go to the “Contact Us” area of ​​the inDrive app. It’s much easier.

Another way is by sending a message through inDrive’s official Instagram chat. InDrive’s official Twitter also accepts sending messages.

And there’s also the official inDrive Facebook chat.

inDrive physical office

The company’s physical office is located in Siberia, Russia, that is, outside Brazil. For postings sent via Post, note the address:

2/1, Gukhoy st., Yakutsk, Northeast Siberia, Russia.

There is also an office located in New York, at the following address:

1 Rockefeller Plaza, 11th floor New York, NY 10020.

inDrive phone

In the second physical office that we disclosed above, there is a reference to international telephone service. Therefore, if it is of interest to you, you should dial the number: +1 (646) 756-2924.

However, this is not a contact for resolving specific issues from drivers and passengers. Therefore, it is safer via chat from the app itself.

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