What is Maxim (Taxsee Driver): how to register

Maxim, whose name for associated drivers is Taxsee Driver, is a transportation app aimed at local travel and delivery of goods. In Brazil, it is already available in dozens of cities.

It serves people who, with the app, request trips such as private transport and deliveries by cars and motorcycles, with the possibility of purchasing goods.

The company was established in Russia in 2003, originally as a transport service. Through the app, it is possible to check what are the minimum values ​​for the tariffs of each service in your city.

Despite having limited coverage compared to competitors, it is an alternative to Uber, inDriver and 99 in the cities served.

What is Maxim: how does it work?

Maxim Taxsee Driver works very similarly to other applications in the segment, such as Uber, 99, inDriver and others.

The platform connects customers with registered drivers and locates the closest options for your trip. On the app’s home screen, you need to inform the starting point and destination of your trip. Then choose the service: car racing, motorcycle racing or delivery of goods.

For each service, there are additional options. In the case of travel by car, you can choose between economy class, one with more comfort or ask for a minivan.

Maxim: rate values ​​and order closing

For deliveries, the application allows you to choose between conventional travel by motorcycle courier or car, in addition to requesting the purchase and delivery of products in pharmacies, restaurants and markets. In each case, the minimum fee and the estimated time to locate registered professionals are displayed.

The app displays the cost of the run before placing the order. Then, it selects a platform driver to carry out the race, providing information about the vehicle, estimated time of arrival and real-time tracking of the route. Payment can be made via the app or during travel.

How to register for Taxsee Driver (Maxim)

Access the platform, which is available for Android and iOS. All instructions and documentation can be found at the links indicated.

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