Types of cars for inDrive: have 1 vehicle? Check if it is compatible.

Do you know what types of cars for inDrive? In this article, we will clarify this constant doubt for applicants to become drivers for the app. If you’ve made it this far, you already understand how inDrive works and know how to register? So, let’s get straight to the point without any further delay.

Remember that, even before knowing which types of cars are available, it’s important to remember the requirements for becoming an inDrive driver. The first requirement is a minimum age of 21 years old, and the second, although obvious, is important to mention: a driver’s license of at least category “B,” with the annotation “EAR” (Exerce Atividade Remunerada) indicating that it allows for paid work.

Another important piece of information is that (this applies to all transportation apps) inDrive requires interested parties to have a clean criminal record. Therefore, obtain a criminal background check.

Types of cars for inDrive

inDrive (especially the inDrive Job division) provides information for drivers with their own or rented vehicles. Thus, if your car has 4 doors, 5 seats, and was manufactured at least 10 years ago, it may be considered eligible to operate within the platform.

But it’s important to note that the “age of the car” is relative. inDrive clarifies that the year of manufacture of the car depends on where the interested party operates (their city). Therefore, you need to check the minimum vehicle age accepted in your city.

An example of this is that on the inDrive Job page, mentioned before, there is a list of cities and their respective years of car manufacture. See below the types of cars for inDrive, classified by year, considering Brazil. But remember that this classification is transient and subject to change.

  • Campinas – SP – cars manufactured from 2014;
  • Fortaleza – CE – cars manufactured from 2014;
  • São José dos Campos – SP – cars manufactured from 2014;
  • São Paulo – cars manufactured from 2014;
  • Recife – PE – cars manufactured from 2013;
  • Belo Horizonte – MG – cars manufactured from 2013;
  • Salvador – BA – cars manufactured from 2008;
  • Joinville – SC – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • São Jose dos Campos – SP – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Sorocaba – SP – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Piracicaba – SP – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Taubaté – SP – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Caruaru – PE – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Bauru – SP – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • Pelotas – RS – cars manufactured from 2009;
  • All other Brazilian cities – cars manufactured from 2011.

Another important detail is that the car must have a working air conditioning system. This is recommended and, depending on the “culture” of your city, may be mandatory. Additionally, it’s worth remembering that inDrive also accepts motorcycles and even bicycles, depending on the type of transport that the partner configures in the app.

If you have the option to drive with an appropriate child seat, it can be a super important differentiator and lead to extra income. These requirements may have slight variations depending on the city in which the candidate intends to operate.

How did inDriver become inDrive?

If you already understand how the types of cars for inDrive are specified, how about changing the subject and talking about the company’s name change, which occurred in October 2022? That is, it only lost one consonant (“r”) and became known as inDrive.

The new word, according to the company, means “inner drive.” This even made it easier for Brazilians, who already used “informal” spellings like “indraive” and “indrive.”

The global company’s motto remains the same despite the change in logo and name, with the loss of one letter. If you download the app from the official store today, you will still have access to the most popular ride-hailing service in the country.

In the inDrive app, in addition to setting the destination between two points in the integrated GPS, you can still choose the offer by driver (based on the prices they charge), by vehicle brand, and by arrival time at the starting point. Want more freedom of choice than that?

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