inDrive WhatsApp: What to do to contact and get help

WhatsApp by inDrive is available at any time of the day or night, however, not with that name (WhatsApp), nor with this popular application (that of Meta), but with the application of inDrive itself. On the one hand, that’s right: the best and only way to get contact by text message faster is through the inDrive application, in the Contact Us tab.

On the other hand, don’t get carried away by sites that advertise inDrive’s official WhatsApp, as the company has not yet officially introduced this service on the Meta platform (the Facebook company). We continue to hope that inDrive will create a “robot” for service on Telegram or WhatsApp, which can meet the needs of millions of users.

Step by step to talk to “WhatsApp by inDrive”

As we said above, “indrive whatsapp” is nothing more than its own official app. Here’s how to access it:

  • First, install the inDrive application;
  • Create an account if you don’t already have one;
  • To create an account or access your old account, you need to inform your mobile number, your CPF, your date of birth, the city where you live and other personal data that are requested, in case of any update;
  • Within the application, contact Support, through Contact Us;
  • Ready, leave your message recorded there;
  • In just a few minutes or hours, the inDrive team will answer you and solve your problem.

How to contact inDrive via Facebook

But the good news is that inDrive has a messenger inside the official Facebook, and we remind you that Facebook is also from the same company that owns WhatsApp (Meta). In this way, it is possible to send a message:

  • Open Facebook on your computer:
  • Enter inDrive’s official page: inDrive Facebook
  • Next to the like button, you will find the Message button
  • Ready, just open the Facebook Messenger window (both on the phone and on the computer) and start talking by text or voice, just like WhatsApp.

Other ways to contact inDrive

inDriver has an exclusive Help Desk channel, which can be opened at this link ( In it, you can enter a Google, Twitter or Facebook account to log in and create a communication channel with the company.

The inDriver help channel (inDrive) can also make your life easier. Many questions are answered there and you buy time. There are also these email contacts:

Collaboration and Advertising:;
PR Department:;
Policy and Government Relations:; and
Vulnerability reports and other cybersecurity issues:

Another way is by sending a message through the official inDrive Instagram chat. The official inDrive Twitter also supports sending messages.

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